Do you work from home?

Travel is a leader in the remote worker business model. Do you work from home? Are you considering doing so?

One of my favorite tools, Zapier, also publishes an informative blog. Their recent post, The Remote Work Survival Guide, has a lot of important hints for those of us who work remotely.


Note to self: Don’t use pretentious jargon

blah, blah, blahIn many industries, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using industry jargon. While it makes it a lot easier to communicate with colleagues, it’s easy to let it slip into conversations with clients and others who aren’t “in the know.” I’ve found this to be the case in almost every job I’ve held, from waiting tables as a teenager, to my current work with technology and travel agents. Continue reading “Note to self: Don’t use pretentious jargon”