Note to self: Don’t use pretentious jargon

blah, blah, blahIn many industries, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using industry jargon. While it makes it a lot easier to communicate with colleagues, it’s easy to let it slip into conversations with clients and others who aren’t “in the know.” I’ve found this to be the case in almost every job I’ve held, from waiting tables as a teenager, to my current work with technology and travel agents.

Even some of the phrases that seem so logical can easily confuse those I’m trying to help. I have to remind myself that a lot of what I encounter everyday is new to a lot of people.

One example I encountered recently was while planning a trip with a friend. Without thinking about it, I mentioned that our trip docs had arrived for our cruise. I was surprised to be met with a blank stare, followed by, “What are trip docs.”

So, note to self: use real language when talking.

Question for my readers:

What is some of the jargon that you find yourself using? Have you run into situations where it’s caused more confusion that you’d expected? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


Author: T.S. Warren

At T.S. Warren, we’re passionate about helping travel agencies, independent retailers and other small and medium businesses use technology more effectively.

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